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Services We Offer

At Red River K9 we offer a variety of training programs to fit the specific needs of the dog and the owner. Our programs are private 1-on-1 lessons, board and train programs and certain specialized training such as AKC canine good citizen, Therapy Dog and certain Service Dog specialties. Our Service Dog Specialties are PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Medical Assist (Retrievals & Deep Pressure Therapy) and Diabetic Alert Dogs. At Red River K9 we pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive and welcoming program for you and your dog, designed to create a forever lasting bond of love, trust and togetherness.


Board and Train Programs

1 week - $1800​

  • Includes Training collar - E-Collar technologies 300 or Herm Sprenger prong collar.

  • Basic Obedience - Come, sit, release, heel, place, down, implied stay and off.

* This program is for dogs without anxiety, fear, aggression and for dogs who already have some knowledge of basic obedience. Results may vary *

2 week - $2800​

  • Includes everything in the 1-week board and train, plus working with distractions in a public environment, manners around other dogs, door manners, loading and unloading patiently from vehicle and transitioning dog to off leash obedience.

* This program is for dogs without anxiety, fear or aggression. Results may vary*

3 week - $3800​ +

*Behavioral Issues and Aggression Consultation Needed*

Puppy Training

"Foundation Class For Puppies"

$150- One private session at Saladino Park in Brandon, Florida.

$200+ One in-home session

  • Price varies upon location

  • 90-minute session

  • "Foundation Class for Puppies" is for pups between 10-20 weeks. We teach owners how to help create a solid foundation of obedience and structure.

  • We cover potty training techniques, kennel/crate training, and how to work with the nipping/teething/biting stage. 

Lesson Programs 

Private lessons​ -$850 

  • (5) 1-on-1 Lessons

  • Includes 15–20-foot training leash and collar (E-collar Technologies 300 or herm Sprenger prong collar)

  • Program is tailored to each individual dog.

  • Each Lesson is one hour.

* Lessons can be added as needed at the price of $150 for each additional lesson*


  • $150 One Hour Consultation

  • $100 Testing & AKC Certificate and Ribbon

  • $50 Re-test 

Service Dog Training 

Prices Vary. Consultation required - please call 813-981-3671

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